bang bang shrimp fajitas

Bang Bang Shrimp Fajitas with cilantro oil. Crispy fried shrimps tossed in a sweet and spicy bang bang sauce stuffed into warmed tortillas with melted cheese, sautéed peppers and onions and finished with a cilantro oil.  

Bang Bang Shrimp Fajitas

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June 2, 2022



crispy chicken cutlets with vodka sauce

Easy weeknight dinner featuring Crispy Chicken Cutlets with a luscious Vodka Sauce for an easy and delicious meal. Crispy chicken cutlets coated in Italian breadcrumbs lightly fried until crunchy and golden served in a velvety tomato vodka sauce that’s finished with melted mozzarella and topped with fried prosciutto bits and basil leaves. These cutlets are made all in one pan and in no time!

Crispy Chicken Cutlets with Vodka Sauce

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May 31, 2022



bang bang fried cauliflower bowl

Bang Bang Fried Cauliflower Bowls. Featuring crispy golden fried cauliflower florets doused in a homemade sweet chili bang bang sauce served over rice with creamy avocado, some edamame pods and pickled vegetables. These bowls are super filling and restaurant inspired with an Asian flare that get finished with an extra drizzle of kewpie mayo. 

Bang bang fried cauliflower bowl

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April 5, 2022



fried goat cheese and steak salad

Kicking off grilling season with a marinated Steak Salad with Fried Goat Cheese. The most tender grilled flank steak cooked to a perfect medium rare temperature, sliced thin and layered over mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, red onions, avocado with charred crostini’s and fried goat cheese medallions all tossed together with a simple balsamic vinaigrette. This salad is simple to toss together, and slightly elevated with some crispy goat cheese medallions that pair beautifully with a perfectly grilled steak.

Fried goat cheese and steak salad

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March 29, 2022



roasted chicken gyros

Greek inspired Roasted Chicken Gyros made with slow roasted spiced chicken thighs stacked vertically and thinly sliced that’s stuffed into pitas with homemade tzatziki, fresh tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, lettuce and french fries. These gyros have all the authentic flavours and fillings of a classic sandwich but homemade which makes for a fun and delicious meal.

Roasted Chicken Gyros

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January 13, 2022



thai curry dumplings

Creamy 20 minute Thai Curry Dumplings made with coconut milk, curry paste, vegetable broth, lime juice and frozen dumplings that all comes together in one pan for an easy weeknight dinner.

Thai Curry Dumplings

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January 6, 2022

Quick & Easy


This easy white chicken chili recipe is warm & cozy, perfectly seasoned for a comforting hearty meal. Made with bacon, poblano peppers, white beans, chicken broth and coconut milk loaded with your favorite crunchy salty Fritos, jalapenos, shredded cheese, avocados, fresh chopped parsley & cilantro


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November 29, 2021

Weeknight Dinners


creamy pork katsu ramen

Easy Creamy Pork Katsu Ramen for a weeknight dinner with an Asian inspired twist. Ready in 3o minutes, this dish is creamy, rich and super comforting. Crispy pork katsu served overtop a coconut and tomato broth, with hints of fresh garlic, ginger and chili. 

Creamy Pork Katsu Ramen

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November 4, 2021

Quick Meals


A delicious twist on the infamous Crunchwrap Supreme from Taco Bell Al Pastor Style! These are loaded with al pastor seasoned ground beef, cilantro, onions, sour cream, fresh made guacamole, cojita cheese and a corn tortilla inside for that added crunch we all love. Get your fix now!

Al pastor style crunch wraps

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October 1, 2021

Football Sunday



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