buffalo chicken fries

Buffalo Chicken Fries with Creamy Ranch. Crispy crinkle fries loaded in golden fried chicken bites dripping in a buttery buffalo sauce and drenched with a homemade creamy and herbaceous ranch sauce finished with some freshly chopped chives. 

Buffalo Chicken Fries with Creamy Ranch

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June 7, 2022



Asada fries

Asada Fries made with Carne Asada grilled flank steak, melted queso, chopped onions, cilantro, and jalapenos over crispy oven baked golden smashed potatoes. Loaded dirty fries piled high with marinated steak, cheesy stovetop queso served with loads of chopped cilantro, onion and jalapenos makes an irresistible game day meal or fun Mexican-inspired meal that comes together easily.

Asada Fries

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August 20, 2021

Football Sunday


Loaded food truck inspired Mexican fries topped with fresh mashed guacamole, pico de gallo, queso fresco and smothered in a quick mexican crema. These loaded fries are super easy to make! Turn a simple side dish into a drool worthy satisfying snack. The bonus part is that the pico de gallo and crema toppings can […]

loaded mexican fries

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June 1, 2020



The name says it all here. We’ve got a chocolate ice cream base shake with chunks of brownies loaded with delicious toppings. milkshakes are just about the easiest dessert to  make. Just throw it all in blender and watch the magic happen! What goes in a milkshake:it’s pretty straightforward, start with picking a high quality […]

Chocolate brownie milkshake

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March 3, 2020




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