melon burrata toast with chili honey

Melon Burrata Toast with Chili Honey makes the perfect light summer snack. This fancied toast is spread with creamy burrata, fresh melon, prosciutto, and drizzled with a homemade sweet and spicy chili honey. Super tasty and satisfying snack that’s light and bursting with fresh flavours. It’s simple, delicious and quick and easy.

melon burrata toast with chili honey

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June 8, 2021



Lunch time deserves a killer sandwich. Persimmons paired with creamy burrata, fresh focaccia and salty prosciutto are all it takes to make a gourmet sandwich in your own kitchen. Layered with a vibrant orange homemade persimmon puree and sun-dried tomato pesto that’s spread across toasted focaccia bread topped with deliciously creamy burrata cheese and salty […]

persimmons and burrata focaccia sandwich

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February 1, 2021

Burgers & Sandwiches


A plant-based pasta sauce made from beets makes a healthy alternative to heavy traditional pasta sauces. The vibrant pink beet sauce coats the pasta perfectly leaving you with a beautiful dish rich in flavour and perfectly complimented by the creaminess of the burrata. Have you ever seen a more beautiful looking sauce? We are in […]

Beet pasta with creamy burrata

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November 6, 2019




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