buffalo chicken sandwich with ranch slaw

Crispy Buffalo Chicken Burgers with Ranch Slaw. Crispy golden fried chicken pieces dunked and soaked in a buttery buffalo sauce topped over a pile of chopped lettuce that’s tossed in a homemade ranch filled with fresh herbs and served in a lightly toasted potato bun. A super fun take on a take away fried chicken sandwich with a homemade spin. 

Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with Ranch Slaw

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June 13, 2022

Burgers & Sandwiches


buffalo chicken fries

Buffalo Chicken Fries with Creamy Ranch. Crispy crinkle fries loaded in golden fried chicken bites dripping in a buttery buffalo sauce and drenched with a homemade creamy and herbaceous ranch sauce finished with some freshly chopped chives. 

Buffalo Chicken Fries with Creamy Ranch

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June 7, 2022




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