fried lobster tail lollipops

Switching things up with some fun pub-style finger food with these Fried Lobster Tail Lollipops drizzled in Old Bay crema, served with loads of chives and fresh lemon. Beer battered lobster tails fried until crispy and golden doused in creamy Old Bay sauce served as lollipops with a lemon wedge.

Lobster Lollipops

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July 29, 2021



crispy pineapple jalapeno chicken

Crispy chicken bites doused in a sweet and spicy pineapple jalapeno sauce served with extra pineapple chunks and jalapenos topped with sesame seeds. Crunchy sticky fried chicken tossed in a tropical sweet heat homemade sauce that’s made from freshly juiced pineapple and jalapenos.

crispy pineapple chicken bites

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April 17, 2021



Crispy air-fried pork belly floats atop a bone broth enriched with beef consume and finished with corn, green onion and a generous drizzle of spiced chili oil.  The bone broth is flavoured with miso just before serving to create a rich texture and added flavour and paired with crunchy, salty pork belly pieces and a […]

pork belly ramen

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March 2, 2021




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