elote corn ribs

Sweet grilled corn ribs cooked until charred and tender served smothered in crema, spicy aioli, chopped cilantro, tajin and fresh parmesan. These corn ribs are super fun to make and make for a cute little appetizer, side dish or light lunch to serve in the summertime along side a BBQ spread. 

Corn Ribs

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July 13, 2021



Flaming hot cheetos elotes features grilled corn smothered in hot cheetos dust, lime mayo, chipotle aioli and fresh cilantro. A great addition to your Cinco de Mayo fiesta and summer menu. 

Flaming Hot Cheetos Elotes

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April 27, 2021

Cinco de Mayo


Hawaiian burger made with BBQ grilled fresh pineapple rings and chicken breasts topped with creamy smashed avocado, crispy bacon and jalapeños doused in a homemade sweet and spicy pineapple jalapeños sticky sauce served in a toasted sesame bun. 

Hawaiian Burger

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April 21, 2021

Burgers & Sandwiches



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