Crispy oven baked wedge fries loaded with a savoury mushroom gravy. Caramelized pan-fried mushrooms paired with a mouth watering homemade gravy doused over freshly baked golden wedge fries. 

wedge fries with mushroom gravy

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April 14, 2021



Crispy smashed potatoes loaded with a mound of squeaky cheese curds, homemade beef based gravy, pancetta chunks and topped with fresh chives. Oven baked baby potatoes smashed into crispy bits with perfectly golden crunchy exterior and soft centre pilled high with the classic toppings of a traditional poutine. Everything you need after a big day […]

Smashed potato poutine

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February 25, 2021



A classic grilled steak sandwich elevated with seasonal slow cooked cider caramelized onions, dressed with rocket leaves, and good quality sweet & smokey mustard paired with a cider gravy for dunking. Steak and onions go together like PB&J. This is why this sandwich is seriously when you nail food pairings for the ultimate taste […]

cider steak sandwich

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October 5, 2020

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