melon burrata toast with chili honey

Melon Burrata Toast with Chili Honey makes the perfect light summer snack. This fancied toast is spread with creamy burrata, fresh melon, prosciutto, and drizzled with a homemade sweet and spicy chili honey. Super tasty and satisfying snack that’s light and bursting with fresh flavours. It’s simple, delicious and quick and easy.

melon burrata toast with chili honey

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June 8, 2021



grilled watermelon toast with chili honey

Grilled Watermelon Toast with an easy sweet and spicy chili honey and creamy whipped ricotta. Fresh slices of grilled watermelon, charred garlic rubbed ciabatta bread loaded with chili honey seasoned whipped ricotta and finish with fresh basil. The perfect spread for a super easy and fun appetizer, snack or toast board that’s ready in 15 minutes. 

Grilled Watermelon Toast

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May 26, 2021



calamari salad

Crispy fried calamari salad made with a blend of spring mix, fresh cucumber, avocado, green olives and bocconcini tossed together with an easy sun-dried tomato vinaigrette. Crunchy, lightly breaded golden calamari with pops of fresh dill piled high on a summer fresh salad perfect for a quick and easy meal for a tasty lunch or dinner. 

Calamari salad

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May 13, 2021




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