bang bang fried cauliflower bowl

Bang Bang Fried Cauliflower Bowls. Featuring crispy golden fried cauliflower florets doused in a homemade sweet chili bang bang sauce served over rice with creamy avocado, some edamame pods and pickled vegetables. These bowls are super filling and restaurant inspired with an Asian flare that get finished with an extra drizzle of kewpie mayo. 

Bang bang fried cauliflower bowl

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April 5, 2022



One-pot minced beef with pan-fried noodles is our version of takeout style beef with pan-fried noodles. A medley of quick cooking mixed vegetables and aromatics stir-fried with crispy noodles and combined with seasoned minced beef simmered in an easy asian sauce. 

minced beef pan-fried noodles

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April 7, 2021

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