creamy pork katsu ramen

Easy Creamy Pork Katsu Ramen for a weeknight dinner with an Asian inspired twist. Ready in 3o minutes, this dish is creamy, rich and super comforting. Crispy pork katsu served overtop a coconut and tomato broth, with hints of fresh garlic, ginger and chili. 

Creamy Pork Katsu Ramen

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November 4, 2021

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Crispy air-fried pork belly floats atop a bone broth enriched with beef consume and finished with corn, green onion and a generous drizzle of spiced chili oil.  The bone broth is flavoured with miso just before serving to create a rich texture and added flavour and paired with crunchy, salty pork belly pieces and a […]

pork belly ramen

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March 2, 2021




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