Chorizo Bolognese White Lasagna

Chorizo Bolognese White Lasagna. Packed with great flavours, this lasagna has a savoury and spicy chorizo Bolognese sauce with hints of cinnamon, spice, herbs and Italian tomatoes with layers of pasta noodles and a rich white béchamel served topped with a generous amount of parmesan cheese for some extra comforting taste that everyone will love. This is a great make ahead dinner to serve the family or double in size for large gatherings.

Chorizo Bolognese White Lasagna

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April 12, 2022



cuban sliders

Pull apart Cuban Sliders make for a flavour packed appetizer and are perfect for just about every occasion. Slow roasted pork shoulder rubbed in yellow mustard and spice rub that sits in a bath of orange juice and broth and cooks for 3 1/2 hours. Each handheld slider is filled with  layers of ham, melted swiss cheese and buttery pickles sandwiched in soft toasted brioche rolls. 

Cuban Sliders

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January 27, 2022

Football Sunday


Make thanksgiving entertaining a breeze by making everything appear effortless and elegant. The secret? Advanced preparation. Start with planning your menu, confirming the amount of guests, and verifying if you’ve got all the proper kitchen tools and equipment to cook everything. Pro tip: Get yourself a meat thermometer -Trust us this will ensure your bird […]

Thanksgiving round up- from our menu to entertainment tips and tricks!

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October 9, 2019




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