Crispy grilled wings brushed with a buttery pumpkin spiced rub served with a smoky mustard sauce. Tossed on the BBQ naked with just a salt and pepper seasoning and brushed during the final stages with a mouth watering buttery glaze with smoky pumpkin spices. These wings are the perfect snack or appetizer for game day […]

pumpkin spiced wings

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October 16, 2020

Football Sunday


Perfectly tender and moist banana bread muffins with rich, nutty browned butter. Great for breakfast, quick mid-day snack, or some after dinner indulgence. Its a serious household favourite and our weekly go-to recipe. It’s easy, flavourful and packed full of bananas. Nothing fancy is required to make these. That’s right it can all be done […]

brown butter banana bread muffins

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April 19, 2020




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