braised beef pasta salad

Braised Beef Pasta Salad combines all the flavours of spicy Mexican tacos loaded onto pasta shells for a super tasty large batch pasta salad. Slow oven braised beef covered in a spicy chipotle sauce blend then shredded and piled high onto the cooked pasta and tossed together with fresh pico de gallo, creamy avocado, crumbled cheese and chipotle aioli. Serve this salad with extra lime, cilantro and the braising liquid for fun taco inspired meal. 

Braised Beef Pasta Salad

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June 2, 2021



Easy to make pasta salad with fresh, flavourful and zesty ingredients. The quick-fix meal when you’re in a pinch and have to resort to pantry ingredients and a bunch of random jars your not sure what to make use of in the fridge. Using mostly pantry staples to make the easiest pasta salad with very […]

Antipasto pasta salad

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April 1, 2020




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