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toasted marshmallow espresso martini

Toasted Marshmallow Espresso Martini that’s fall inspired.  A fun twist on a delicious cocktail that’s made with toasted marshmallow syrup and served with a flamed garnish that’s sure to be a party hit with guests!

toasted marshmallow espresso martini

You can’t go wrong with an espresso martini. First of all it’s beautiful to look at. It looks like a shaken masterpiece with its luscious crema floating on top and gives off an elegant feeling because of the glass its typically served in.

toasted marshmallow espresso martini

This is one of my favourites. Almost anytime we have guests over I offer to make them an espresso martini. Their surprisingly easy to make, require few ingredients and aren’t messy at all. All you really need is some quality brewed espresso and your golden.

toasted marshmallow espresso martini

Now a standard espresso martini is made with vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso and a touch of sweetener. From there you can play around with the ratios and swap in a flavoured syrup, infused vodka, the coffee liqueur for baileys for example and even the vodka for tequila. It can take on an array of forms which is why there are so many different versions out there and why its such a popular cocktail. The last thing is to give it a really good shake. In order to get a thick layer of crema, you need to shake it hard for at least 30 seconds and have the tin filled with ice. Once you pour it into the glass you should see the crema slowly start to appear and get thicker and thicker as the glass fills. If you weren’t able to achieve this, either pour it back into the tin and give it a really good shake or there was an issue with the espresso and the extraction wasn’t good enough.

toasted marshmallow espresso martini


We hope you enjoy this recipe! If you give this recipe a try, let us know! Leave a comment, rate it (once you’ve tried it), and take a picture and tag it on Instagram! We love to see what you come up with. #thecommunalfeast Follow along our social media account on instagram for quick videos on how our recipes come together.

Toasted Marshmallow Espresso Martini

A seasonal twist on a classic espresso martini made with toasted marshmallow syrup and garnish for a warming fall inspired cocktail that's perfect for entertaining.
Course: Drinks
Keyword: cocktail, drink, entertaining, espresso, fall, martini, toasted marshmallow


  • 1.5 oz vodka
  • 0.5 oz coffee liqueur
  • 0.25 oz toasted marshallow syrup used is Monin
  • 2 oz espresso shot
  • ice


  • Build directly in shaker tin: add vodka, coffee liqueur, syrup and espresso. Fill with ice and shake for 30 seconds.
  • Double strain into a chilled glass and garnish with espresso beans and torched marshmallows.

Toasted Marshmallow Espresso Martini


October 13, 2022


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